Asset Management


L2 Capital Partners is an independent asset management company, specialized in managing portfolios in Brazil and abroad. Its partners have wide experience in the asset management business, having worked at large International fund management houses such as London & Capital Wealth Management, Banco Santander and Gartmore Investment Management, besides Safra Bank, Lloyds Asset Management (Lloyds Bank) and Bic Banco, the latter ones, in Brazil.

Its international experience, combined with its focus and local presence in the Brazilian market, ensures agility and superior performance in portfolio management.L2 Capital Partners´ interests are aligned with those of its clients, and they invest a significant part of their own assets in the same products that they recommend to investors.

L2 Capital Partners helps its clients in a customized way to provide them with a better risk x return relationship. The strategies used look forward to design optimal structures to each and every risk profile and time horizon. This concept goes beyond investments and aims for an optimized capital allocation and tax efficiency.