L2 Capital Partners  manages a Hedge Fund in the Bahamas and the goal is to achieve capital gains through investments in assets whose prices are perceived by our team as being a good investment opportunity.

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L2 Capital Partners structures Investment Funds according to the client´s profile and professionally manages the assets according to the objectives, interests and expectations of its investors.

It is a less bureaucratic way to allow individual investors to get together and achieve a greater diversification and higher returns in the stock market, at the same time that it allows these investors to diversify their portfolios and bring a professional management on board.

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L2 Capital Partners serves its clients in a customized way to achieve their specific objectives, in a better risk x return relation. To do that, L2 Capital Partner´s team proceeds with a detailed and long analysis of investor´s profile, to determine factors like risk appetite, need for liquidity, return objectives, etc. From there, the team develops and adopts a strategy compatible with the desired profile, aiming at the best possible return within the time horizon and desired return.

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Counting with an enormous international experience with more than US$3 billion in assets under management, L2 Capital Partners help its clients in a safe and confidential manner in their investments abroad.

L2 Capital Partners works with some of the largest banks in the world and advise an efficient capital allocation mainly in the US, Europe and Australia.

From an extense knowledge of the investor´s profile (such as risk tolerance, liquidity needs, time horizon, objectives, etc), L2 Capital Partners suggests an efficient capital allocation in an independent way, always looking to maximize our client´s returns.

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