L2 Capital Partners serves its clients in a customized way to achieve their specific objectives, in a better risk x return relation. To do that, L2 Capital Partner´s team proceeds with a detailed and long analysis of investor´s profile, to determine factors like risk appetite, need for liquidity, return objectives, etc. From there, the team develops and adopts a strategy compatible with the desired profile, aiming at the best possible return within the time horizon and desired return.

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The FUND seeks capital appreciation above the Brazilian interest rate benchmark (CDI) in the long term. The Fund invests in opportunities identified by L2 Capital’s team in fixed income, equities, debt and in the international markets.

Initial Investment : R$25.000,00

Minimum Movement: R$5.000,00

Investment: D+0

Redemption: D+90

Settlement: D+5 business days

Income Tax: 15% over the net gain, deducted from settlement amount, already net of management and performance fees

Risk Profile: Agressive

Fund’s Documents

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